Full-Mouth Reconstruction

A severely damaged smile can cause pain, embarrassment, and despair. At our Millis dental office, Dr. Weiner performs full-mouth reconstruction to revitalize smiles and optimize oral health and beauty.

What is full-mouth reconstruction?
Full-mouth reconstruction is a comprehensive plan to reverse damage caused by decay, disease, trauma, and/or neglect. Dr. Weiner will examine your teeth and address underlying dental problems first. Then he’ll create a treatment plan to bring out the best in your unique smile.

What treatments will Dr. Weiner perform?
He may suggest natural-looking replacement teeth, tooth-colored fillings, and/or ceramic crowns. Some cosmetic treatments may also be involved. Dr. Weiner will describe your choices and help you determine the best path to your ideal smile.

Can I see a preview of my new smile?
Yes. Dr. Weiner can create a wax model to illustrate how different treatments will affect your smile.

Call today to schedule your full-mouth reconstruction consultation with Dr. Weiner. Our Millis dental office serves Medfield, Holliston, Milford, and surrounding areas with customized dental care. We can’t wait to see your smile!

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