Dentures and Partials

A complete smile is crucial to whole-body health. In fact, statistics show that people with a full set of teeth live longer than those without teeth. Dr. Weiner cares about your smile and your life. He creates custom dentures and partial dentures to replace missing teeth and help patients achieve optimal oral and overall health.

What are my options to replace missing teeth?
At our Millis dental office, we offer full dentures and partial dentures. These removable prosthetics contain natural-looking replacement teeth to solidify smiles and enhance oral wellbeing.

Full dentures are a good option if you’ve lost all of your teeth to disease, decay, or trauma. Dr. Weiner may recommend a partial denture if you still have some healthy teeth. Partial dentures fill spaces left by missing teeth and prevent existing teeth from drifting out of position.

How will my replacement teeth be secured?
Dentures are typically held in place with natural suction or over-the-counter adhesive. Alternatively, Dr. Weiner may suggest implant-supported dentures to maximize stability and eliminate slippage, particularly for lower dentures. Partial dentures adhere to neighboring teeth with unobtrusive clasps, or they can anchor to dental implants.

What are the benefits of dentures and partials?
Dentures and partial dentures provide underlying support for cheeks and lips to make you look younger. They also return the ability to eat a variety of foods, which means a healthy diet and thus, a healthier life. You’ll speak and laugh with confidence, knowing that your smile is strong and secure with modern dentures.

Call today to schedule your full or partial denture consultation with Dr. Weiner. Our Millis dental office serves Milford, Franklin, Medfield, and surrounding areas with customized dental care. We can’t wait to see your smile!

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