Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile will brighten your appearance and make you feel good about yourself. If your smile needs some help to reach its full potential, ask about a complimentary cosmetic dentistry consultation. Dr. Weiner is an artist in both photography and dentistry. As a cosmetic dentist, he uses esthetic dental materials and works with talented dental ceramists to create stunning smiles.

Discover the wonders of cosmetic dentistry at our Millis dental office. Dr. Weiner applies handcrafted porcelain veneers to transform imperfect front teeth. Professional teeth whitening erases stains and discolorations to renew a youthful glow. If your teeth need extensive work, Dr. Weiner can perform a full smile makeover with a customized treatment plan based on your vision for the perfect smile. At your consultation, Dr. Weiner will explain your treatment options and help you decide which procedures will deliver your ultimate smile.

Learn more about cosmetic dentistry here, then call today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Weiner. Our Millis dental office serves Holliston, Milford, Franklin, and surrounding areas with customized dental care. We can’t wait to see your smile!

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